Friday, November 12, 2004

I just realized that I shouldn't be here. I'm sitting at the computer station reserved for scanner use, and I have not scanned one single thing in the hour that I've been sitting here. And I used to get pissed off that people wouldn't read signs when I worked in retail! I've just been bitten by the hypocrite bug!

I'm struggling with school still- registration is in two weeks, so I have to decide on classes pretty quick. And I have to decide whether I want to drag my pregnant self out of the house every day in April, or if I want to compromise and take less-than-stellar online courses. I also need to decide if I want to get an acoustic guitar and take a class to learn to play it (I have an electric, but the class teaches acoustic only). Anyone know of a used lefty acoustic for sale? I could restring a righty, a la Jimi, but as Jeff pointed out, that means my pick guard is in the wrong place. Hmm.

I think I don't want to be a midwife today. I think my temperament is just way better suited to being a doula. Unless we move to The Farm, in which case I may reconsider. I just read Spiritual Midwifery again, and am amazed that modern medicine (as is its usual custom in all things) has so persistently tried to treat birth and pregnancy as purely physical states. That is probably my biggest criticism of our culture's birth practices right now. I'll have to go more into that later, because it's time for class, again.

A quick warning: tomorrow is Gabe and Eva's 2nd birthday, so I'll be posting a birthday picture of them then and now. Some people (me before they were born emphatically included) are really disturbed/upset by pictures of small preemies, so I wanted to prepare y'all.

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