Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

All the kids are finally asleep. Cross your fingers that I'll finally get to see my midwife for an exam on Tuesday. I need it badly. Now that I'm heading really, really fast toward when Gabe and Eva came (29 weeks- I'm 25, and an average pregnancy is 40), I'm getting antsy. I don't want to go through the NICU again. I don't want to go to a hospital again, unless it's absolutely necessary.

I am hoping that with my holiday slump past and my decision not to return to school for spring semester, I'll have more time to blog. Priorities, right? For the record, though, I just checked my grades- 3 A's and a D (that would be phy. ed.- due to my post-retreat sciatica attack in October, I fell behind in logging hours in the fitness center and never caught up. Oh well). Yay me! Now I'm only 16 credits from my AA!

I don't have much to write right now- the things that have been crowding my mind for the past 3 weeks are, predictably, absent. So read this instead (thanks to Sarah for the great article).

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