Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Somehow I am managing to keep up. A's on both tests, and hopefully a B+ on my paper on Jungian Archetypes (never read anything about Jung before, but I used this book for research and ended up reading the whole thing 'cause I found it fascinating). Obviously I haven't gotten the paper back yet, but I asked for an A-/B+ (since my simultaneously loveable and evil prof made us tell him what we thought we deserved). Part of me now regrets that I did not ask for an A. Because I think it might deserve it- it's just such a struggle to be accurate and fair and objective about my own work. Especially written.

A belated apology to anyone who read my last post and thought I was angry or upset at being asked about having twins again, or having an ultrasound. I wasn't and am not even a little annoyed, so I'm sorry if it sounded as if I was. I just wanted an excuse to rant about those ultrasound boutiques, which I could go on for pages about. And the overuse of ultrasound in general, especially in normal pregnancy. If y'all haven't figured it out yet, I'm a complete birth junkie. Normal, non-medical birth is one of my great passions. At one point, I was going to train as a midwife- I still might, when my kids are grown and being on call all the time isn't a big deal. So please be patient with me if you're more medically-minded- and please be honest with me if you feel something I say is offensive or hurtful. I can be very opinionated, and while I try to let my acceptance of other paths come through in what I write, for some reason, it doesn't show as much when birth is the topic. I don't want to spend every other sentence apologizing for my views or explaining, either, so I'm taking it on trust that you who read this will love me enough to show me honesty and allow me the chance to ask forgiveness if I hurt you.

OK well, I'm really tired and have probably left the kids as long as I can without disaster ensuing. More later, hopefully. I'm really missing my blog time lately.

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