Tuesday, July 20, 2004


listening to: nothing, see below
reading:  Ray Bradbury, Faster Than the Eye
Well, now you have proof that I was not struck by lightning.  No voice out of the heavens either :)  Although as Rachel warned me, that water was pretty cold (by the way, Rachel, if you're reading this, I really wanted to say hi when I saw you there,  but never got a chance).  It would have been a totally perfect day, except that I woke up with a scratchy throat, and since I never, ever  shut up (really!), by the time it was my turn to speak before heading out into the water, I was croaky and unintelligible.  This is a real tragedy, folks!  I can't sing!  Believe me, I've tried.  Well, ok, on the way home from church I did throw in Concrete Blonde, and was amazingly able to sing even the lowest notes of "Joey" (not totally abnormal- I normally fall between mezzo soprano and alto, although that may be hard to believe if you've heard me talk)...but as soon as we hit the chorus, Johnette went for the high notes, whereas my voice cracked, then gave out completely.  It still isn't back.  Thankfully, nothing hurts, I just can't talk.  So tonight I decided not to listen to music, so I wouldn't be tempted to try singing.  Maybe I can pay someone to call Allie every hour or so and remind her that it means I can't read stories either.  Make that every 15 minutes.
My registration hold for school is $10 in library fines.  Huh.  Don't remember any overdue books.  I have some more pretty pictures of the falls and of Doug blessing my kids (don't have the pics of my baptism yet), so I'll post some more over the next few days.  Allie was awfully cute with Doug- she was playing shy.  She wouldn't even say "amen" when he was done blessing her!  Poor girl has a lot of me in her.  I have trouble with even eye contact, unless I'm speaking to a group.  Now tell me that isn't weird- I can't look a server in the eye when I order coffee, but when I'm talking to a bunch of people, it's no problem.  So I'm working on that. 

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