Saturday, July 17, 2004

not in the mood
I can't find it in me to write about politics tonight.  I'm too preoccupied with everything that needs to get done before school starts in less than 6 weeks.
I need new glasses.  Sarah gave me her really cute frames, but I don't have insurance, so the lenses and exam are coming out of our checkbook.  We need to fix our Saturn so that we're a two-car family again.  I need to get things straightened out with North Hennepin  so that I can actually register.  Right now I have a registration hold because of a library book or something that I never turned in back in 1999.  I need to get my driver's license.  Maybe my permit before that.  It would also be nice to get the kids back on health insurance, but who knows if that will happen.
I added some links tonight, and also changed my comments to Haloscan.  And since I didn't make a backup copy of my template, I lost all the comments that were already posted here. 
Tomorrow I get baptized.  And I'll probably finish The Brothers Karamazov.  I've never been so profoundly disturbed and deeply encouraged by one book.  I know it doesn't end happily, and not knowing exactly what happens is bothering me.

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